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What to do with your basement bonus room?

22 Dec What to do with your basement bonus room?

Picture this. You already have a living or family room. A room where you can relax and watch TV and entertain guests. It’s on the first level of your home. Now, you’ve decided to increase the functionality and resale value of your home and build out your basement. Not only will keep the footprint of your home the same, avoid bureaucratic nonsense for a basement renovation, but you gain a nice big space!

But this basement transition has created a question. What to do with your basement bonus room when you don’t need or want a second living room? Here are a few ideas for your basement.

Playroom: If you have kids, you know what “Lego pain” is. Also, the mess is maddening. How can you utilize the living room when it’s got an identity crisis as a toy store?

Why not create a dedicated space for their toys in your new basement? For ideas on playroom necessities, click here.

The only problem you’ll have is what to do with the room once your kids think they’ve outgrown playing. Perhaps a homework hub?

Gym/Yoga: Gym memberships can be pricey. Remove the need to pack a bag and drive, and transform your basement into a space to get fit. The only downside would be if the kids or other family members try to bother you while you’re in there, but our expertise is remodeling, not privacy.

Craft Room or Workspace: Whether you are inspired by Pinterest or HGTV.com, this room could be used for creating your own works of art. Keep your kitchen counters and upstairs dining table free of glue guns and scrapbooking supplies and use your basement for this purpose.

Beer Brewing/Wine Making: If you like to entertain, what could be better than “Try a pint of my best IPA” or “Do you get a whiff of currant with this Merlot I made?” You will need to install water hookups and a small sink. Also, the flooring must be compatible with spills.

Game Room: Now your basement is a place to play video games separate from the upstairs living room. Other ideas include installing a foosball, air hockey, pinball or pool table. At the very least, get a dart board. Games can get raucous and it’s best to have a space in the basement where participants can be as loud as they’d like.

Office: This one pains us a bit. It’s the least exciting but the most practical. There are tax benefits and commuting benefits. Heck, if you can swing having your child or children at home and you work in your basement you can save on childcare expenses. It can also be an attractive feature to a potential buyer since working from home is on the rise.

Any of these uses is an alternative to a second living room in the basement. Call us at 303 478-7505 to get started on your basement today!


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