The Process - Basement Transitions
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The Process

To learn more about the crawlspace to basement conversion process, please fill out the Consultation Form and schedule a no cost, no obligation phone consultation.

Crawlspace Review

After you have filled out the Consultation Form and we have had our initial crawlspace to basement phone conversation we will meet to review the space and confirm the budget. It is important that we take time to understand your wants and needs so we can accurately estimate the project.

Crawlspace Conversion Review

Design & Engineering

Our designer and structural engineer will work together with you to design a beautiful, functional and structurally sound crawlspace conversion. This step is imperative in order to adequately prepare for the crawlspace excavation, basement construction and finishing processes.

Crawlspace to Basement Design-and-Engineering


Excavation begins with the creation of an ‘entryway’ from your crawlspace to the yard. This ‘entryway’ provides us with an access point to move dirt, workers and equipment in and out of your crawlspace while minimizing our disturbance. Once the ‘entryway’ is complete we excavate the dirt from the crawlspace and until we achieve your desired ceiling height.

crawlspace to basement excavation

Structural Reinforcements

Based on the designs we created in Step 2 with the structural engineer, and information gathered during our excavation process, we will add and replace the necessary supports for your home. When we have completed the “re-structuring” of your home, we will have improved the foundation, and will be ready for finishing the space.

crawlspace conversion structural basement-reinforcement

Concrete Work

We pour the concrete footings, slabs and walls to form your new basement in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our team of concrete professionals follows the plans outlined by our design and engineering team in Step 2. This particular project shown required radiant heat to be installed in the concrete slab floor for the comfort of the kids and grand kids when they come to visit!

Denver Crawlspace to Basement Conversion Construction

Basement Finishing

This is where Basement Transitions really shines compared to other crawlspace to basement conversion companies. We handle your crawlspace to basement conversion from start to finish, including the interior finish work. This streamlines the process and ensures better communication and higher quality work.


Completed Basement Transition

Voila! Your crawlspace has been transitioned to a fully functioning and beautiful basement. You have gained much needed square footage and increased the value of your home. Contact Basement Transitions today to get your FREE phone consultation and get started on your crawlspace to basement conversion!

Basement Transitions Completed Crawlspace to Basement Conversion

Learn more about turning your useless crawlspace into a beautiful and fully functioning basement!