Consultation - Basement Transitions
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Request a Phone Consultation

Basement Transitions is the leading crawlspace conversion company in the Denver area. We are offering free phone consultations but we need some information from you first. Please fill out this consultation form so we can have a better idea of your crawlspace to basement conversion before we speak.

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Address of Crawlspace

Age of Home

Approximate Size of Crawlspace

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Interested in Lowering the Existing Floor to Add Ceiling Height?

Your Reasons for Converting a Crawlspace
Need Storage SpaceOur Family is GrowingParents are Moving InRooms for KidsMove Utilities & Laundry DownstairsAlternative to Addition or Pop-TopOther

If Other, Please Explain

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Any Other Information You Feel Would be Helpful

We’re Here For You,
From Crawlspace to Finished Basement

The Appointment Process

1. Fill out the consultation form

2. We call you within 24 to ask any additional questions and understand your particular situation and objectives

3. We offer you a budget range for the excavation and the finishing of the space

4. If this range works for you, we schedule an appointment to meet you to review the space and confirm the budget

5. At the meeting we can present contracts to get started right away on engineering and obtaining the required permits

Please ask any questions you may have concerning turning your crawlspace into a fully finished or partially finished basement. We handle all aspects of the Basement Transition including planning, design, construction, and finishing. We look forward to hearing from you!

Did You Know?

In many areas of Denver, Realtors state that whatever you invest into your finished crawlspace conversion, you will get back if for any reason you choose to sell after the work is done.